Course Title & No: CIS 118 Introduction to PC Applications Prerequisites: None
Semester: Fall 2005 Credit Hours: 03
Days Taught: T - Th Time Taught: 05:30p - 7:10p
Beginning Date: 18 August, 2005 Ending Date: 06 December, 2005
Census Date: 01 September, 2005 Withdraw Date: 09 November, 2005
Instructor: John Gallucci Phone Ext: (719)648-9240
Office: Email Address:


Introduces computer concepts and components, as well as application-suite software and the Internet.  Includes descriptions of and hands-on experiences with word processing, spreadsheets, databases, operating environments and other common PC application packages

 All assignments and quizzes will be available from the class website

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  1. Create a memo, a letter and a table in Microsoft Word.

  2. Demonstrate how to use Excel to create a spreadsheet with clip-art and a graph.

  3. Define the main hardware categories in a PC, and explain the most common computer concepts.

  4. Define the functions of a computer incorporating hardware, software, and peripheral devices.

GENERAL LEARNING OUTCOMES: (Those assessed in this class are in boldface)


Math Literacy

Aesthetic Responsiveness/Craftsmanship

World Awareness

Scientific Reasoning

Critical Thinking

Interpersonal Skills


All class sessions will be held to meet credit and contact hour requirements.  Sudden class cancellation due to weather, instructor illness or other unexpected, unplanned events may result in make-up sessions. Arrangements for make-up sessions will be made at the convenience of the instructor and students.

18 Aug Introduction Syllabus Review
23 Aug Windows PowerPoint, review questions
25 Aug File Management PowerPoint, review questions
30 Aug Internet/Office Section Test
01 Sept SAM Review of SAM
06 Sept Word PowerPoint, review questions
08 Sept Word Project Work
13 Sept Word PowerPoint, review questions
15 Sept Word Project Work
20 Sept Word Section Test
22 Sept Excel PowerPoint, review questions
27 Sept Excel Project Work
29 Sept Excel PowerPoint, review questions
04 Oct Excel Project Work
06 Oct Excel PowerPoint, review questions
11 Oct Excel Section Test
13 Oct Access PowerPoint, review questions
18 Oct Access Project Work
20 Oct Access PowerPoint, review questions
25 Oct Access Project Work
27 Oct Access Project Work
01 Nov Access Section Test
03 Nov PowerPoint PowerPoint, review questions
08 Nov PowerPoint Project Work
10 Nov PowerPoint PowerPoint, review questions
15 Nov PowerPoint Project Work
17 Nov PowerPoint PowerPoint, review questions
22 Nov Thanksgiving Break No Class
24 Nov Thanksgiving Break No Class
29 Nov PowerPoint Project Work
01 Dec PowerPoint Section Test
06 Dec Final Final Exam
07-09 Dec Finals Final Exam
INSTRUCTIONAL DELIVERY SYSTEMS: A combination of lecture, demonstration and application of knowledge through student projects and practical examinations. Theory and its application to real world situations is stressed.
ASSESSMENT STRATEGIES: (All that apply marked in bold)
  • Essay tests
  • Definition of terms
  • Fill in
  • Multiple choice
  • Written papers
  • Oral presentations
  • Other (please explain) labs
  • Homework = 25%
  • Section Tests = 25%
  • Projects = 25%
  • Final = 25%

  • 90% - 100% =A
  • 80% - 89%=B
  • 70% - 79%=C
  • 60% - 69%=D
  • Less Than 59%=F


Microsoft Office 2003 – Introductory Concepts and Techniques  pub Course Technology   ISBN: 0-619-25478-5

SAM2003 tutorial CD (version 3.0 )

32 MB (min) Flash drive. No Floppies!


Privacy laws prohibit me from posting final grades.  You can ask personally about your final grade or wait until you receive your grades from the registrar’s office.


Students enrolled in this course with a diagnosed disability must indicate this to the course instructor by the third class meeting.  This will permit the course instructor to make federally protected accommodations possible (if needed).




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